Mambo Jambo Music And Dance Workshops in Schools

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Mambo Jambo Music And Dance Workshops

Mambo Jambo Music and Dance Workshops, flamencoWe’ve recently been into a local primary school delivering music and dance workshops to children in Key Stage 1 in preparation for their International Week; we had a fantastic day with lots of very engaged children! We covered songs in French and Spanish, flamenco dancing, charleston, the Mexican Hat Dance plus enthusiastic joining in with percussion and vocals on various songs!

Later this term we’ll be in another couple of primary schools, for KS1 and KS2, both of which have told us what they’d like us to cover so we’ve designed workshops especially for them. We’ll be covering samba & other Brazilian music & dance, Amazon Rainforest, Carnival, The Romans, thematic Curriculum topics including Geography and History, plus body percussion and singing! Another school has booked us for our ‘Handa’s Surprise’ storytelling session, plus African music and dance activities. Please see our workshops page for more info ( www.mambojambo.co.uk/workshops ) and get in touch here if you’re interested!

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Here we are in a Primary School delivering a session on Water And The Sea to Year 4. We all sang this Sea Shanty in a performance at the end of the day.

Below: Samba Workshop in a primary school:

Recycling theme:Schools recycling Workshop

Spanish Theme:

Flamenco Dance Workshop Primary school

Storytelling And Music

Big Malarkey Sing To the Moon at 1MB

“Handa’s Surprise”

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