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Mambo Jambo’s Vintage Retro “Swing Jamboree!”

By 02/01/2020April 10th, 2020No Comments
Mambo Jambo Swing Jamboree

We’ve been doing some filming! Check out these videos we took for our special Vintage Retro Swing Jamboree that we’ll be performing at points this year as part of the 75 anniversary of VE Day & the end of WW2, with songs like ‘In The Mood’, ‘Chatanooga Choo Choo’ & swing and jive classics; plus we’ve got our 20’s, 30’s vintage repertoire with songs like The Charleston, Sweet Georgia Brown etc! Contact us if you’d be interested in booking us (for your party, school, wedding etc!)

Here’s Sweet Georgia Brown, a track from the Roaring 20’s!


(Filmed at the fantastic Zoo Cafe, Hull)


And here’s a clip from our version of Minnie The Moocher: