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Mambo Jambo’s New Projects for Spring-Summer 2023

By 16/03/2023June 22nd, 2023No Comments
Mambo Jambo, Sight Support & University of Hull funded project, music with Visually impaired children, Ideas Fund

We’ve got some exciting new projects and commissions we’re getting involved in over the next few months. Varied and challenging projects! Funded by the Ideas Fund, we’re thrilled to be working with Sight Support and the University of Hull. (Also funded by British Science Association plus the Wellcome Trust). We’ll be delivering music workshops and performances to children with visual impairments, with the help of a researcher from University of Hull. We’ve already started on the project, and it’s been extremely rewarding for all, including  us. We’ve seen the children grow in confidence and also had some great moments with individual children really responding to the music in such positive ways!
We’ve also received a grant from Hull Maritime; it’s for a community project, where we’ll be working with students at Ron Dearing College to produce a podcast on Maritime themes for West Hull FM Community Radio Station. It’ll include our song, from our latest “Groove Fruit” album, “Cumbia In The Moonlight” and some of the students will feature on the podcast, plus excerpts from our interview with a Humber Pilot Launch coxwain, and more! Watch this space!



Here we are recording interviews with the students at Ron Dearing College for the Hull Maritime Podcast:

Mambo Jambo at Ron Dearing for Hull Maritime Podcast