We’ve now released three CDs in all – our latest one, ‘Stickleback Gumbo’, has  just come out!  The others; ‘Mango Jam’ and ‘Rum ‘n’ Rhythm’ have both been available for a few years now. All three have been warmly received with good reviews – we are pleased with all of them! They consist of studio recordings (including a few ‘live in the studio’ tracks) of mostly our own original songs and compositions, with one or two traditional songs or cover versions that go down well at our live shows. We sell them either at our gigs or by mail order (£10 each including p&p). Please contact us if you are interested in buying copies of one or more of them.


1. Somebody Like You (listen above)
2. Wakko Cavaco
3. The River
4. Frolics (listen above)
5. Stickleback Gumbo
6. Sonho em Samba [Samba Dream]
7. Bulvar Bulgar (listen above
8. Salty Dog (listen above)
9. Chan Chan (listen above)
10.Kingston Jive
11. Love Lead Us On
Stickleback Gumbo


1. Samba Nova (listen above)
2. Moving On
3. If She Needs Someone
4. High Life
5. Tomorrow’s Too Late
6. Mas Que Nada (listen above)
7. Guantanamera
8. Bean’s Bounce
9. Only Yesterday
10. Dizzy Waltz
11. Nightbirds
Rum 'n' Rhythm - buy cd


1. Melodita
2. If She Needs Someone
3. Mango Jam
4. La Cosa Que Me Gusta
5. The Winter Days
6. Rhumba Number
7. Yap Badoodle (listen above)
8. Djembe Rave
9. Corrida
10. Three Little Frogs
11. East St. Louis Toodle-oo
12. Back to Back (listen above)
Mango Jam - buy cd

If would like any further information about any of our recordings or would like to buy a cd, please get in touch