Promoters package for festivals and venues

We can offer the following for Arts Centres and festivals; “Mambo Jambo In Concert” plus our Children’s Shows “Hats Off!”,”Mambo Jambo’s Nonsense Show” or “Happy Feet!”, and/ or various Workshops. We offer a promoter a discount for booking more than one activity, spread over one or two days:

1. “Mambo Jambo In Concert”

“Acoustic Roots duo, Mambo Jambo, might just be the biggest acoustic duo you’ll ever see. A truly unique two-piece with their joyous mash-up of sounds from roots, folk, world, & jazz, plus their own compositions. With Frankie on sax, vocals, clarinet, flute, guitar and spoons plus other percussion and Pete on guitar, vocal, ukulele, tres (traditional Cuban guitar), banjo, accordion and suitcase ! Pete and Frankie have been gathering admirers at shows and festivals the length and breadth of the country. A fabulous musical treat is in store wherever they roll up, their tour bus packed to the brim!”

‘Rays of sunshine and infectious energy! Holmfirth Arts Festival audiences loved them!’ Bev Adams, Director, Holmfirth Arts Festival

2. Childrens Shows & Family Shows:

“Hats Off!”, Music, Mayhem and Hats!

Hats Off by mambo jambo Big Malarkey, Sarah Daniels

‘Happy Feet!’ Concert for children aged 3-8 and their grown-ups with lots of interaction

Mambo Jambo at Big Malarkey Festival Happy Feet by JamieKingPhotography

Mambo Jambo at Big Malarkey Happy Feet by JamieKingPhotography 2

‘Happy Feet!’ At The Big Malarkey Festival – photo, Jamie King

Mambo Jambo’s ‘Happy Feet!’ is a playful mixture of interactive music and singing, body percussion with a few dance moves, from jive to carnival, that work just as well seated or standing. Fun & highly engaging for children & their grown-ups. An amazing mix of instruments, including steel drum, sax, accordion, banjo, ukulele, suitcase and spoons plus lots more!

Mambo Jambo’s Nonsense Show” Nonsense Songs & Raps & Nonsense In General! For Children and Families. Ideal for children aged 3-7.

Created a wonderful atmosphere!” Charlotte Bowen, Birdhouse Festival Director
“Mambo Jambo…A total delight!…An infectious sense of fun…perfect for all ages” Ellen Bianchini, Director Big Malarkey Children’s Literature Festival
“The Nonsense Show is just that – undiluted fun, well-crafted, and performed by talented musicians. A joyous experience. They lead smashing workshops too!” Keyna Paul, Director Hull Dance

3. Mambo Jambo Workshops

We have a range of workshops we deliver as part of festival programmes. eg.

Carnival music workshop’. families/ children OR we can aim it at adults
‘Oceans & Carnival Workshop’ 3-8 years. Singing, body percussion, some dance moves
‘Learn a Flamenco Dance Routine’ for beginners, with live guitar
Samba & Samba Reggae dance

Songs and Dances from round the World‘ learn songs & dances, for example; Flamenco, easy samba moves, easy charleston, Welly dance, Romanian Circle dance, Breton Folk dance,  learn fun & easy French song with actions. Aimed at children/ families; no experience needed!

(See our Workshops page for more info)


Mambo Jambo at Broadstairs Folk Festival Carnival Drumming Workshop Dylan Woolf