Forro Porro

Forro Porro

Forro Porro have recently completed recording a new CD – our first CD! “North By Northeast”. At the moment it’s available by mail order, if you email

This lineup specialises in South American fiesta sounds – Brazilian Forró and Colombian Vallenato, Porro & Cumbia – driving accordion & drum music – styles that raise the spirits and fill up dancefloors right across the continent. It also gives Pete a chance to play his zabumba drum, with all kinds of bells and whistles attached, while Frankie takes it away on triangle, sax and flute!

FP 4-on-1 drum CFeaturing accordion, zabumba and timbal drums, cavaquinho, guitar, triangle, berimbau, flute, sax and clarinet – making the kind of killer rhythms that keep a party in full swing! We can play on or off stage, and between the four of us we have a wide range of workshops we can deliver.

We got this band together with Sam Pirt, the demon accordionist, & Gary Hammond the percussion ace – their excellent duo is known as The Hut People, and you can check out their webpage here.

Appearances include the Broadstairs Folk Week, Green Note Festival of Latin Music in London, Henley Festival, Bridlington Arts Festival, Worldfest, Swaledale Festival Percussion Project, Beverley Festival and Musicport. We’ve been booked to play at Costa Del Folk Festival in Portugal, October 2015.

“……Forro Porro were fantastic – the house were up on their feet and danced the whole way through, stamping their feet and demanding two encores.”

Jill Turner of

“Thank you so much for your contribution to Swaledale Festival’s Percussion Project. Forro Porro enchanted the 100 children and their parents with their infectious and joyful music. The group’s patient and skilful work with the children during the rehearsals could not have been more professional. The performance was a roaring success and the ovation from the audience proved it. I will be delighted to work with Forro Porro again at the earliest opportunity.”

Malcolm Creese, Swaledale Festival Director


Two songs onstage at the Beverley Folk Festival 2011 :

  • ‘La Cosecha de Mujeres’, watch it here
  • and ‘Chiclete Com Banana’ here

Here we are at Musicport 2013: Watch ‘Lambada’ here

And here are three instrumentals filmed in concert at the Green Note in Camden :

  • Watch ‘Roseira do Norte’ here,
  • ‘Cada um Belisco um Pouco’ here,
  • and ‘Homecoming’ here.

For further details or to make a booking contact Mambo Jambo